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 All-Ukrainian Population Census' 2001
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About number and composition population of SEVASTOPOL' CITY COUNCIL
by data All-Ukrainian Population Census '2001

   During the All-Ukrainian Population Census besides actual there have been accounted permanent population, which is used in calculations of indices, characterizing socio-economic structure of the population. Permanent population of Sevastopol' city council, at the date of 5 December 2001 accounted for 377.2 thousand people, including men - 172.1 thousand people, or 45.6%, that of women - 205.1 thousand people, or 54.4%; urban population – 355.6 thousand people, or 94.3%, that of rural population – 21.5 thousand people, or 5.7%.

   Among permanent population citizens of Ukraine totalled 359.1 thousand people, citizens of other countries – 12.7 thousand people,or 3.4% of total population Sevastopol' city council, including including citizens of CIS – 12.6 thousand people.

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 Total number of actual population
 Urban and rural population
 Gender structure of the population
 Number of cities
 Permanent population
 Age composition of population
 National composition of population
 Linguistic composition of the population
 Educational standard of the population
 Marital status of the population

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