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 All-Ukrainian Population Census' 2001
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About number and composition population of CHERKASY REGION
by data All-Ukrainian census of the population 2001

   Population Census 2001 data show the number permanent population in Cherkasy region was 1 million 398 thousand persons, including:men – 636 thousand persons or 45.5 %, women – 762 thousand persons or 54.5 %, urban population – 747 thousand persons or 53.4%, rural population – 651 thousand persons or 46.6%.

   Among the permanent population the number of citizens of Ukraine 1387,6 thousand persons, citizens of other countries – 3,8 thousand persons , including citizens SIC – 3.7 thousand persons. Persons without citizenship in Cherkasy region - 2.4 thousand persons, and those who did not indicate citizenship, - 4.5 thousand persons.

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   In the chapter:

 Total number of actual population
 Urban and rural population
 Gender structure of the population
 Number of cities
 Permanent population
 Age composition of population
 National composition of population
 Linguistic composition of the population
 Educational standard of the population
 Marital status of the population

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