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 All-Ukrainian Population Census' 2001
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Housing condition.

  • Individual households by type of dwelling, total area, living space and household size   Header
  • Individual households by type households and type dwellings   Header
  • Individual households by type dwellings, number of rooms and average household size, total area and living space   Header
  •    Total area of dwelling houses – sum of the area of living and auxiliary areas (kitchens, bathrooms or shower-rooms, toilet rooms, storerooms, corridors , attics and terraces.  The following places are not included in the total area of dwelling houses: stairs, lift halls, common corridors.
       The living space includes floor space of living rooms, bedrooms, dining-rooms...
     The living space does not include the area of kitchens, bathrooms, toilet rooms, corridors, storerooms and other auxiliary rooms

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       In the chapter:

     General results of the census
     Dynamics of the population of Ukraine
     Administrative-territorial division
     The number and territorial distribution of the population
     Educational attainment
     Socio-economic characteristics of population
     Nationality and citizenship
     The number and structure of the households
     Housing condition

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