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 All-Ukrainian Population Census' 2001
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About number and composition population of SEVASTOPOL' CITY COUNCIL
by data All-Ukrainian Population Census '2001

   The peculiarity of the national structure of the population of is its multinational composition. According to the data of the All-Ukrainian Population Census, the representatives of more than 97 nationalities and ethnic groups live on the territory of Sevastopol' city council.

    The part of Russians in the national structure of population of Sevastopol’ city council is the largest, it accounts for 270,000 people, or 71.6% of the population. During the years that have passed since the census of the population ‘1989, the number of Russians has decrease by 2.8 percentage points.

   Ukrainians are the second numerous nation of Sevastopol’ city council, it accounts for 84.4 thousand people, or 22.4%. Since 1989 their number has increase by 2.7 thousand person, or 1.7 percentage point.

    Data about the most numerous nationalities of Sevastopol’ city council are shown in the table:

(thousand persons)
as % to the result 2001
as % to 1989
2001 1989

Sevastopol’ city council

377.2 100.0 100.0 95.4


270.0 71.6 74.4 91.8


84.4 22.4 20.7 103.3


5.8 1.6 1.9 78.0


2.5 0.7 0.3 in 2.1 times more.

Crimean Tatars

1.8 0.5 0.1 in 5.9 times more


1.3 0.3 0.1 in 3.2 times more


1.0 0.3 0.7 36.2


0.8 0.2 0.3 70.0


0.6 0.2 0.1 in 2.5 times more

    */ The table includes data about nationalities whose part in actual population of the region was not less than 0.2%.

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