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 All-Ukrainian Population Census' 2001
Regions of Ukraine
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About number and composition population of L'VIV REGION
by data All-Ukrainian population census '2001

   During the years that have passed since the census of the population ‘1989, the number of towns in region has increased by 2 and on the date of the All-Ukrainian census of the population ‘2001 there were 43 towns.

    Changes in population of towns with number of more than 50 thousand inhabitants are shown in the table:

 Town Actual population
thousand persons
2001 as % to 1989
2001 1989
Drohobych 79 78 102
L'viv 733 791 93
Stryi 62 67 94
Chervonohrad 71 72 98

х)Excluding settlements that are administratively subordinated to the town's coucil.

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 General results of the census
 Dynamics of the population of Ukraine
 Administrative-territorial division
 The number and territorial distribution of the population
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 Socio-economic characteristics of population
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